3 Makrooh / Forbidden Prayer Times – Fiqh Hanafi


3 Makrooh / Forbidden Prayer Times – According to Fiqh Hanafi

Usually, the time-tables (of Salah) are displayed in Masajid (Mosques). The timings of Salah can easily be ascertained with the help of the time-tables compiled by reliable Tawqit Dan (Experts in Salah/Fasting timings) and certified by Ahl-e-Sunnah scholars.

These are Three Forbidden Prayer Times:

  1. From the time of sunrise up to the next 20 minutes.
  2. From 20 minutes before sunset to the time of sunset.
  3. From Nisf-un-Nahar to the time when the sun begins to decline. No Salah, whether it is Fard, Wajib, Nafl or Qada (Missed Salah) is permissible during these three times.

These also Forbidden Times to read Quran?

The Answer is NO. You can read Quran any time.


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